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How to Set Up Multi Subscriptions Using a 3rd-Party Payment Provider via Zapier
How to Set Up Multi Subscriptions Using a 3rd-Party Payment Provider via Zapier

Can I set up different subscription tiers if I use 3rd-party payment provider?

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You can now integrate Universal App (UA) using various services out there using Zapier and Magloft (1.0.7) apps. Using this integration, you can also offer Tiered or Multi subscriptions or upsell options. Here's how.

Let’s use this example of three tiers subscriptions.

  • Tier 1: 14.99 per year subscription with no back issues

  • Tier 2: 19.99 per year subscription with 4 back issues.

  • Tier 3: 24.99 per year subscription with all back issues.

First, you need to set up those subscriptions in UA admin.

  1. Create three different subscriptions on the Offer > Subscriptions page

2. Edit each subscription and populate:

  • Respective subscription price

  • Linked collections or issues that will be part of that subscription.

Now, let's set up the Zapier integration

  1. Set up a zap to trigger creation or update a subscription in MagLoft (1.0.7).

  2. On the MagLoft section, add an `Order ID` identifier and assign it to one of the PWA Subscriptions you have set up in UA in the first step.

  3. Test the trigger.
    You will see that it will create a custom subscription in MagLoft for that particular subscription tier.

    1. If you don’t select any PWA Subscription in the previous step, it will create a custom subscription with access to all issues instead

4. Save & publish the Zap.

Check out our help video below (Jump to 1:22 to learn how to integrate third-party payment provider for multi-subscription)

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