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FlexPDF Supported Languages
FlexPDF Supported Languages

Does FlexPDF support my Japanese file? Is it compatible with my Chinese characters file?

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You can upload your PDF in various languages. Generally, we support languages that mainly use the standard alphabet characters, such as English, Spanish, German, French, Bahasa Indonesia & Malay.

In addition, we also support Mandarin, Japanese, Russian, and Greek.

Supported Languages means:

  • FlexPDF conversion can mainly detect and reassemble letters into words correctly --comparable to the typical English text conversion results.

  • You can copy-paste those non-standard alphabet characters into the right-hand device preview canvas.


FlexPDF does NOT support rewriting the non-standard alphabet character, such as Mandarin Hanzi, etc., by typing them in. It, however, allows non-standard alphabets to be copy-pasted.

Have you tried to upload the file with languages other than the ones on the list above? How did it go? Do you have any feedback? Please feel free to contact our live chat at the left-right corner of the page or send an email to

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