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FlexPDF from A to Z
FlexPDF from A to Z

Everything you need to know about FlexPDF

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  • Can I convert my PDF without creating an account?
    Yes - you can convert up to 100 PDF pages without signing up.

  • Can I convert a PDF with more than 100 pages?
    You can convert unlimited PDF pages after you sign up for a free account.

  • What will I get after converting my PDF?
    After clicking the export button, you will be invited to download your responsive HTML file.
    You will also be invited to sign up for a free account which unlocks additional options, including:

    • Ability to generate an embed code

    • Ability to generate a free-hosted URL you can share

  • Will my free page limit decrease if I upload the same file more than once?

    Yes - Every upload is treated as a new file. Therefore, uploading the same file will decrease your limit.

  • My uploaded PDF is gone; what happened?
    If you have cleared your browser cache, all uploaded PDFs will disappear. You might also have used a different browser or device. To see the full list of all your uploaded files, please keep using the Chrome browser in a non-incognito mode on the same computer.

  • If my PDF contains multiple articles, how will this be displayed after I export it as HTML?

    You can create multiple articles from each PDF file. They will be exported together, but each article will be displayed on a different page, which can be navigated using the arrow buttons or accessed by clicking on the Table of Contents.

  • Can I update my articles after sharing the direct URL link or embed the content on my website?
    Yes, you can still update your content and click on the Export button. This will publish the updates to your existing links.

  • I went to the FlexPDF editor and clicked the three dots button; why did the merge option grey out?
    The merge option is only available for the text block; you should have more than one text block to trigger the option.

  • After merging some text blocks, is there any way to split them up again?
    Yes, you can do it by pressing Command + Enter on Mac or Control + Enter on Windows. Alternatively, you can delete it and re-add the text blocks to the editor.

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