FlexPDF is a free tool to convert PDF files into responsive HTML that can be added to your website. As a visitor, you can convert up to 100 PDF pages; no sign-up is required. If you want to convert unlimited PDF pages, simply create a free account.

  1. Head over to FlexPDF.

  2. Drop your PDF into the upload box or click Browse Files to select your PDF.

  3. Please wait! We are converting your file. It won't take long.

  4. You can select the paragraph/header/image from your PDF on the left-hand side to start populating the content.

  5. You can also click "I'm Feeling Lucky" on the phone canvas or Import Page in the top menu to automatically populate the page with converted content.

  6. Once done, click the Share button in the Top menu.

  7. A popup will appear, and you can download your HTML file.

  8. Sign up with your email to unlock unlimited PDF page conversions and other export options.

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to our live chat at the left-right corner of the page or send an email to support@magloft.com.

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