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How to populate all content from PDF in FlexPDF
How to populate all content from PDF in FlexPDF

An easy way to populate all content from from a selected PDF page

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Besides helping you convert your PDF content to HTML in seconds, our FlexPDF allows you to populate all content from your PDF quickly. No need to click the block one by one. Let's jump into the steps below.

  1. Head over to FlexPDF.

  2. Drop your PDF file to the upload box area or click Browse Files to select the PDF.

  3. Please wait! We are converting your file. It won't take long.

  4. You can click I'm Feeling Lucky on the phone canvas to convert the page automatically when starting a new article.

  5. Or, you can always click Import Page at the top menu.

  6. Your content will be automatically populated into the phone canvas.

  7. The opposite action from Import Page and I'm Feeling Lucky is the Trash button. Click it to delete all content in the FlexPDF editor.

If you want to continue rearranging your article, check out this article. Once you're ready to publish your articles, export them so you can add them to your website or share them directly using our free-hosted link options.

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