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How to create a circle logo for Universal App Top Menu
How to create a circle logo for Universal App Top Menu

Want your Top Menu logo to be circle? Here's how you can do it with Canva.

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With the newest update in Universal App, you can adjust the logo according to your branding.

This includes the ability to upload a circular or square logo. Not only that, the format you can import is now also extended into PNG, JPG, and SVG.

If you are not a designer, or curious to design your own logo, in this article we will show you a quick way on how you can do it with a free design platform, Canva.

Log in to your Canva account.

Step 1, Click “Create Design” or “Custom Size”

Step 2, Insert the size which is 128 x 128px or equivalent to a 1:1 square logo.

Step 3, start designing your logo with all the features available on Canva

Once you are finished with the logo, save by clicking the Share button, and select Download.

With Canva, you can download your logo in PNG or JPG format. If you have a PRO account, we highly recommend downloading it in SVG format, as by this, it will be guaranteed that your logo will not get pixelated.

That is how you create a rectangular logo in Canva. Now, let us show you how you can create and save your logo in a circular logo.

Follow steps 1 to 3, to create a circular logo, you need to add a circular frame. To do so, go to Elements and type “Frame” you will find a circular frame that you can insert with any images of your preferences.

Download your logo, but before that, make sure that you tick “Transparent background option” to save it in circular shape.

This feature is only available for PRO accounts, if you don’t have it, save it as it is and use to remove the background.

That’s it!

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