There are multiple important aspects to creating and building a consistent branding for your digital publication using the Universal App (UA). In Universal App, you can build this with our features, such are:

  1. Customize your email communications

  2. Edit the top menu and add a banner to your UA homepage, and lastly

  3. Set a Default Font and Colors

If you have a certain custom font that follows the branding of your digital publication, you can now upload it to your Universal App by following these simple steps!

First, head on to Branding > Appearance tab, and click the “Default Fonts” button located at the top of the page

On this page, you can upload your custom font in the form of OTF, TTF, or, WOFF format.

Please note that iOs and macOS come with many pre-installed fonts that can be used for your app interface.

There are three types of fonts on iOs and macOS,

  1. Pre-installed fonts – Fonts that are available and enabled automatically on iOS and macOS devices

  2. Document fonts – Only displayed if it is used by opening a document.

  3. Downloadable fonts – Available to download using the Font Book.

This might affect the reading experience of your readers if your custom fonts are not listed on iOs or macOS. But, don’t worry, as most fonts is downloadable

To know more about the fonts available on iOs and macOS, please visit the apple help center page here.

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