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Share your Feedback and Suggestions with MagLoft Universal App Feature Request Board
Share your Feedback and Suggestions with MagLoft Universal App Feature Request Board

Do you have some feedback you want to share directly with our team who looks after new features and improves our existing ones?

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We use MagLoft’s Feature Request Board to capture feedback from amazing people just like you! It can host a variety of things including ideas for new features and suggestions for improvement of our existing features!

How do I use it?

Click on the Feedback button on your right-hand side. This will direct you to MagLoft's Feature Request Board.

Anyone can contribute by voting, leaving a comment, or creating a new post for something that is not requested yet. At MagLoft, we believe that feedback is essential; it helps us grow and become better. So feel free to let us know your thoughts and digital publishing dreams!

Frequently Asked Questions

I have an idea to improve MagLoft - how do I share it with you?

You can search Magloft Feature Request Board to see if someone else had a similar idea.

  1. Select the most appropriate feedback board, such as Feature Requests

  2. Use the Search box on the top right to search for keywords and phrases

If you find something that sounds similar to your idea, feel free to vote for it! If you have time, it would be great if you could also add a comment to further explain your request - this is always appreciated and will increase the likelihood of your feedback being implemented.

If you can't find a similar post, simply create a new one by filling out the details in the Create a Suggestion box. Screenshots and Screen Recordings are always welcome. The more information you can provide the better.

How can I contribute to an existing post?

Adding a vote on an existing post is the perfect way to show you agree with the idea and increase its visibility for our team to consider. Simply click on the arrow icon to add a vote!

Every single vote that we receive is valued and we take care to read and assess every single one carefully.

We love to get insights into the features you need and want to become even more productive! That is why it’s super encouraged to always leave a comment when you upvote a suggestion.

What happens next after I post feedback?

After you create or interact with a post, you'll receive a status update email notification every time there is an update. Our team will also post comments to ask for more information or share updates! You'll be notified by email if we @mention you in a post.

We can't guarantee that every request will make it into MagLoft, but we take your feedback to heart, and keep your votes and comments in mind!

Stuck? Feel free to reach out to us using our live chat at the bottom right corner of your Universal App dashboard or send an email to

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