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Types of Subscriptions Available on Universal App
Types of Subscriptions Available on Universal App

What are the differences between Stripe and Custom Subscriptions? We’ll be explaining each subscription below.

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Stripe Subscriptions

Stripe subscriptions are, simply put, subscriptions that are made through Stripe. Once you connect your Stripe account to Universal App, your readers will be able to purchase a paid subscription on their own from your Universal App front end. The subscription that they purchased will be listed as a Stripe subscription in your CRM on Universal App admin.

Readers that are subscribed through Stripe will automatically have access once they are subscribed to your Universal App. The same rule applies if their subscriptions have come to an end - they will not have access to your content in Universal App.

Since the subscriptions were made through Stripe, you can only update and manage these subscriptions through Stripe - including canceling and pausing subscriptions. You can also allow your readers to manage their own subscriptions. You can learn more about managing Stripe subscriptions here.

Custom Subscription

Custom subscriptions are created by importing your readers list using the Universal App CRM menu. If you prefer to handle purchases and subscriptions on your own and not through a third party (Stripe), this can be an option to consider. This is the “manual” way of creating subscriptions - unlike Stripe subscriptions, you will be able to manage these subscriptions directly. The activation, expired date, and action will fall under your responsibility - meaning you have to manually activate and deactivate readers' access manually from your Universal App CRM menu.

A custom subscription will instantly unlock collections published within the duration that you set for your readers. Custom subscriptions are useful if you want to give access to digital content for your print magazine subscriptions, or you have an existing subscribers list. You can also use custom subscriptions to create free subscriptions for specific readers or your team.

Hope this is clear! If you have more questions, feel free to reach out to our live chat at the bottom right corner of your Universal App dashboard or simply send an email to

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