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Pages SEO on Your Universal App!
Pages SEO on Your Universal App!

Give a sneak peek of the page that you are sharing or a preview for the Search Engine to display on their search results.

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Pages SEO carries similar functions as Sitemap with less trouble. You don't have to create an XML or HTML sitemap and submit it to Google's Webmaster Tools. All you need to do is to insert necessary information with keywords for each of your pages in Universal App (UA) to boost your SEO.

Pages SEO is necessary to build your SEO. It will enhance the ranking of your UA in the search engine such as Google. By inserting the keywords in both title and description, Google will easily identify what your UA is about and will show it to readers that are looking for the keyword.

The higher the ranking of your UA is on the search engine, the more visible your UA will be and thus, will also increase the chance of receiving a higher number of traffic.

Our team in MagLoft have provided information on how to enhance SEO for publishers that you can learn more right here.

To do so, simply follow our bonus mission down below:

Bonus Mission



Update headline text for each page

Branding > Pages SEO

Insert the name of the headline on the "Title" box

Update Meta Description of each page

Branding > Pages SEO

Describe briefly what is the pages consist of

Upload image thumbnail for each page

Branding > Pages SEO

Click on "upload" under Image

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