The name of your publication is a very important aspect of your business, as it is part of your personality and branding. In this article, we will guide you step-by-step on how to update your publication name to your Universal App!

There are 2 important aspects that you will need to do to update your publication name, which are:

  1. Inserting your publication name on the Top Menu Logo & Title on Branding > Appearance, and also to

  2. The Logo and Title on Branding > App tab.

After logging in to your Universal App, head on to Branding > Appearance on the left sidebar, and filled out the "Top Menu Logo" and "Top Menu Title" boxes with your publication name.

This name and logo will be reflected on the top menu of your Universal App Homepage, and the title of the browser tab when your readers visit your UA website. To know how your readers will see it, click the "Live Preview" button that is located on the top right sidebar of your UA Admin.

How the "Top Menu Logo" and "Top Menu Title" will look on your UA homepage.

As the Universal App is a Progressive Web App (PWA), that can be installed on multiple devices, you will also need to update your publication name to the app name that will be reflected when your readers install your Universal App to their devices.

To do so, head on to Branding > App tab on the left sidebar and insert your publication name and Logo on the Title and Logo box available.

This name will be reflected when your readers download your Universal App to their preferred devices, such as desktop, mobile or tablet. To download your Universal App to other devices, simply click "Install App" on the homepage, as shown below.

Once the UA is downloaded to the reader's devices, the publication name that you had insert previously on Settings > App bar will be reflected, as shown below.

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