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Publish your Universal App collection for China readers
Publish your Universal App collection for China readers

How to publish your collection of magazine and can be accessible for your reader who located in China

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China's internet ecosystem is highly different from that of other countries. As a result, there are various reasons why your content loads slowly when consumed by your reader, who is located in china. There are two main reasons which are the ISP problem and the Great firewall of china (GFW)

This article will focus more on the second reason, resulting from the combination of legislative actions and technologies to regulate the internet within China’s borders. The main reasons why the GFW is causing slow loading times include:

  1. Traffic entering and leaving the country must go through a limited number of international gateways, adding layers of latency to user requests.

  2. It uses Deep Packet Inspection to monitor the internet, which may cause packet loss, meaning that the requested data couldn’t make it to a user’s computer because data is lost.

There are several solutions to make your reader in China can consume and enjoy your content. Let's start with the first one.

1. Use China CDN Solutions.

With a China CDN solution in place, the CDN caches your content and loads it faster based on the viewer’s geographical location.

2. Hosting your content in China

An effective way to solve this challenge and improve content performance is to host your website in China. In addition, if you comply with China regulations, your content will not be filtered or blocked by GFW because your server is located within the Chinese Internet firewall.

You can choose dedicated or shared hosting. While both have pros and cons, dedicated hosting will have favorable results in the long run. Aliyun (Alibaba Cloud), Tencent Cloud, and AWS China are examples of excellent Chinese hosting services.

To host your site in China, your first step is to obtain a Chinese Internet Content Provider (ICP) License. The Chinese government issued this registration number that acts as permission to host your website from a China server. Hosting providers enforce this law, so you might be able to obtain your hosting and domain without the license, but your site won’t go live.

Here is an overview of what to expect when applying for your ICP license. You are eligible to apply if:

  • You have a Chinese business license.

  • You are on behalf of a business if you physically come to China, use your passport as an ID, and remain in the country long enough to fulfill the registration requirements.

  • You run a joint venture with a Chinese partner.

But you may not qualify if:

  • Your business does not have a legal business presence in China.

  • You are a foreign individual without a passport (and presumably not residing in China)

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