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Universal App: PDF to HTML Conversion Guide
Universal App: PDF to HTML Conversion Guide

Check this out before you upload your PDF files to ensure a smooth conversion process with no issue!

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WARNING: You CAN'T make changes to your uploaded PDF once it's being converted. So, please make sure that you've uploaded the correct PDF file.

There are a few requirements for the PDFs before you can upload them for conversion in Universal App admin. Please pay attention to our guidelines below:


  • All text and fonts should be fully embedded in the PDFs, meaning the text is not an image and can be extracted;

  • The text should not be flattened or rasterized;

  • All text will be extracted as-is from the PDFs;

  • If Glyphs or fonts have been used that change the look of a character, the character will be extracted. This causes some small-caps (upper-case letters that are reduced in height) fonts to be rendered as lower-case. Ensure that the characters used are upper-case in these instances, so the extracted text will be upper-case as well.


  • Flattening of images and/or layers should be avoided, so images can be extracted as separate items;

  • Maximum 2400px width and height for large images;

  • The ideal resolution of the image is more than 300DPI, however, the file should not exceed 300MB in size;

  • If the file is bigger than 300MB then you can reduce the image resolution to around 150DPI and/ or use better compression.


  • No security should be used – please disable password protection;

  • Compression is fine but please pay attention to image sizes (read Image section);

  • All pages should be single-page, double spread PDFs will not be processed;

  • Don't upload single pages PDFs. If you have multiple single pages PDFs, please compile all of the pages into 1 PDF and upload it;

  • Please check if the pages are in the correct order before uploading.

Get stuck? Feel free to reach out to our support team using our live chat located at the bottom right corner of your Universal App dashboard or simply send an email to

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