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Convert Your PDF Content into HTML in Seconds with FlexPDF
Convert Your PDF Content into HTML in Seconds with FlexPDF

How to convert your PDF file into fully responsive HTML content?

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FlexPDF enables you to quickly convert your PDF content into responsive HTML. During the conversion process, you can realign and rearrange content, change text colors and sizes, and add parallax effects to images to create interesting content. Best of all, your content will look and read great on any device! No more pinch-to-zoom and hard-to-read PDF content on mobile devices!

We are proud to release FlexPDF version 2.0 to you and offer everyone 100 PDF to HTML pages for free. Follow the steps below to get started:

  1. Head over to FlexPDF using the Chrome browser on your desktop.

    1. Non-registered users can convert up to 100 PDF pages.

    2. Sign up for free to convert unlimited PDF pages.

  2. Drop your PDF to the drop box area or click Browse to select the PDF file.

  3. The PDF will process, and you will see the following message: "Please wait - we are converting your file. It won't take long!

  4. You can select the paragraph/header/image from your PDF on the left-hand side to start populating the content.

  5. You can also click I'm Feeling Lucky on the phone canvas or Import Page at the top menu to convert the page automatically.

  6. Once done, click the Export button at the bottom right corner.

  7. A popup will appear to show you some export options:

    1. Free users can:

      1. Download HTML file

    2. Sign Up for a free account to unlock:

      1. Unlimited PDF to responsive HTML conversions

      2. Ability to export results as an embed code

      3. Ability to generate a free-hosted URL you can share

    If you're not registered yet, you'd be able to select only the download HTML option for now. But worry not; you can easily claim all those export options by signing up for free and confirming your email.

That's it.
Please let us know about your experience using FlexPDF, powered by MagLoft!

Have questions? Feel free to reach out to our live chat at the left-right corner of the page or send an email to

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