You maybe wondering if MagLoft has any trial period that you can have before you finally decide to upgrade your subscription. The answer is a unique Yes ;)

To make it clear, we do have 2 kind of 'trial' going on at the moment.

The first one is our 30-day All Access trial period that starts the moment you signed up:

During this trial period, all of our features will be accessible to you so you can test out which features that fits your business model.

Once this trial period is over, you will not be charged anything at all. Rather, your account's access will be limited to features only available in the Free plan (in case you did not upgrade at all).

If you did upgrade your account in the middle of your trial period, once the trial is over you will be given access to features available in your pricing plan.

The second 'trial' is basically from when you register and for as long as you need. You can stay in our Free plan as long as you need, and MagLoft will never force you to upgrade your account unless you are ready.

Once you have customized your apps and added your content, we always advise you to use the free MagLoft preview apps for iOS and Android to see what your app and content will look like.

We start building and submitting your apps as soon as a MagLoft paid subscription plan has been started and we offer a 30 day 100% money back guarantee in case you are not completely satisfied with our product and service. Simply contact us within the first 30 days from the date of your subscription and you can get a refund - no questions asked (although some feedback is appreciated!). This guarantee is valid only for your first app or publication. All the risk is on us as we want to prove to you that we're the best option for digital publishing.

It is advisable for you to really go through the whole steps and fully tested the app to ensure that the apps created have met your expectation. However, if you are still unsure that this is the right path, no worries. Let us know and we'll schedule a refund for you.

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