We often get this question. Actually, we have created a short note in the MagLoft portal which shows how to do it. Yet, we know sometimes it requires more details so we'd like to explain it more in this article. 

Like Mixpanel said they are a user analytics platform that dives into user journeys to help you make data driven decisions. Particularly for your magazines/publications, Mixpanel will allow you to track usage inside your publication and issue.

To set this up, you must create an account on Mixpanel. Go to this link then register an account and it is free. Then simply login into your Mixpanel account. 

In your Mixpanel account, go to Setting then click on Project Settings.

Meanwhile, you also need to go to MagLoft portal, better use a new tab on your browser, then click on Integrations. Scroll down until you find Mixpanel Analytics. 

To integrate your Mixpanel account into Magloft portal, you are required to input the Token and the API Secret. Go back to your Mixpanel account, your screen should have shown multiple settings. In Management section, you will find what you need to be copied-pasted into your MagLoft portal.

After you copied-pasted them, then you are all set.

PS : One Mixpanel account can be used for multiple publications by adding multiple projects within the account. 

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